My First Blog (3-19-08)

I finally mastered the technique of posting here.. which is kind of bad because I’m supposed to be the QMIX tech guy.
There was a time when I hand-coded the entire QMIX dot COM website using a text editor, and uploaded it using an FTP client… in the days before Front Page, Hot Dog or Dreamweaver, and now it takes me 4 days to figure out how to post here.
I was originally going to open my blog by complaining… first about how long and dreary this winter has been, then I was going to rant about how Hoosiers (the residents of Indiana, not the IU basketball and football teams) sit by while our legislators pass new laws and taxes, and then complain when they become law (things like the seat-belt law and increase in sales tax are pet peeves of mine), but I really want to keep things positive here, so I won’t utter another complaint, except to say “don’t cruise in the fast lane” (I could go nuts about my #1 pet peeve but that would really make people mad).
Instead I shall focus on the positive and say that from the time I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was to be on the radio, and it is a blessing to be able to do what I do and get paid for it!  I once heard that if you find something you really like to do and make it your job, you never have to go to work!   That is my scenario.  Every day I get to play music on the radio and spend the rest of my day playing with all of those wonderful toys (computers, transmitters, microphones etc).
It will be 17 years this fall since I walked through the door of QMIX and started the fun… here’s to another 17 years (well,  this didn’t exactly work out.  I was shown the door in March 2012 but 21 years is a heck of a run for radio)!
Now… about driving while talking on the cell phone…..

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