Weather Forecasts

First I admit that I have a friend who is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Indianapolis (who listens to QMIX regularly-thnx Chad!), but that in no way influences my opinion.

As much as I love radio, weather has always been a close second as an interest in my life. I guess it started back on Palm Sunday 1965 when I was just a youngster:
(more info).
wea00217 (2)

Hey… I was out with my camcorder lookin’ for tornadoes years before the Bill Paxton/Helen Hunt movie (I’ve only bagged two in my entire life and one was in Dallas). Plus, I watched the weather channel 24/7 from the day they signed on until it became the Jim Cantore and commercial channel… but I digress.
NWS Logo
My point is.. the National Weather Service has had a rough time of it this winter. They have missed the boat on nearly every major winter storm since Christmas (issuing Winter Storm Warnings with nothing of significance developing). But yesterday, our Ops Mrg, Dave Wineland walked into the studio at 2:05 PM and said, “you gotta hand it to the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast. They said we would get sprinkles by 2PM and at exactly 2PM we started getting sprinkles”.
Dave was right on the money… as is the NWS forecast most of the time.
TWC_logo_100x100 (2)
For a long time, our competition got their forecast from the Weather Channel, while QMIX and KORN always used the NWS forecast. As a matter of pride, I compared the NWS forecast with the forecast issued by the Weather Channel, and when they significantly differed, the NWS forecast was more accurate 99.999999% of the time (actually it was 100%). Every time for over two years. That’s incredible!
Forecasting in the winter has always been difficult, everybody wants to know when the snow will start, when it will stop and how much will fall. Not to mention that just 2 or 3 degrees can make a huge difference between rain, freezing rain or snow.  In the summer time, all it takes is, “a chance for afternoon thundershowers” to satisfy everyone. Nobody wants to know exactly how much rain will fall.
For the record… the Weather Channel didn’t do any better this winter. Nor did AccuWeather or anyone else.
It looks like winter may be sliding away, and now it’s raining. And it started at exactly 2PM Monday.

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