Coming Soon! Well 2 Years But It’s Gonna Be Good! (6-3-15)

Again, it’s been a while since I posted here, so I thought I’d remind you to remember this date and write it down!
Monday, August 21, 2017
The place:  Hopkinsville, KY
On this date there will be a total solar eclipse in North America and the closest and best place for us to see it is Hopkinsville Kentucky (see.. there is a reasonable excuse for visiting Kentucky after all).

Ecli[pse 2017

If you live close to this line, book your flight, make your reservations because this is a once in a… well, forever, experience!
There is a small problem…. As of 5-3-15 I can’t fine a single Hotel in Hopkinsville that is taking reservations. The best I could do is the Best Western, who took my name/number and said they would call me after Christmas 2015. That’s when they will start taking reservations for 2017, but I digress.
There is a website called “” with a plethora of info, but here is what it says about Kentucky:



Kentucky also boasts wonderful viewing areas, with totality at Paducah (1:22pm) lasting 2m20s of totality. The Land Between the Lakes is a wonderful spot to view the eclipse from, and the farther north you are here, the better! Eddyville gets 2m39s at 1:23pm. After that, Hopkinsville lies right on the centerline, and enjoys 2m40s of totality at 1:24:41pm. This, together with the preparations that the folks at Hopkinsville Community College are making, makes it a great place to consider watching the eclipse from.

Franklin (2m26s at 1:26:48pm) and Russellville (2m29s at 1:26pm) are other good spots from which to see the shadow. Bowling Green lies in the path, but it is on the northern edge, and folks here are advised to head to Hopkinsville, or down I-65 into Tennessee.

Mammoth Cave and Murray are not in the path, and neither are Louisville and Lexington. In these locations, the eclipse will never be total for you, and you will need to use eye protection for the entire eclipse! This show belongs to the far southwestern part of the Commonwealth, and you are urged to get there and be a part of it all!
My brother first tipped me off about this 10+ years ago and we’ve been counting down the time.  My brother (Dale) is battling cancer, but if he is not around in 2 years, I’ll be there in Hopkinsville with my Polaroid and Brownie cameras, ready to bring you all the sights.  I might even shoot some video on my phone (who would have thought I could do that 10+ years ago?).
In any event, remember the date and I’ll see you at the Dairy Queen in Hopkinsville Kentucky!

Hopkinsville DQ (2)
Yea, that’s really the Hopkinsville DQ

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